works with developers, educators, and authors to enable them to share their knowledge with the world in a valuable way. Because of our large publishing partner network, we can provide you an audience for your courses and help you monetize them with direct student sales and bulk content sales to our partners.

Our course development process consists of three main resources:

  • The Next platform, which enables you to create courses, add many types of content, manage discussions, and more.
  • The Codevolve platform, which allows you to create interactive coding lessons, which can easily be embedded into a Next course.
  • Our team that provides content integration, course development assistance, lesson quality assurance, and sales support.

The goal is to develop three tiers of courses:

  • Standalone courses: Student goes through the course by themselves, potentially asking questions if discussions are enabled.
  • Course + Certificate: Like a standalone course, but students are provided with a certificate of completion at the end of it.
  • Course + Certificate + Mentor: A mentor-led course with an at least weekly check-in with you or other course instructors.

Authors are compensated with 20% to 75% of the course revenue. You can request more information by emailing us or submitting a course idea here!

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